Hi all!

I want to keep this site as informative as possible, so I won’t give too much info here. I am a PhD student. My partner is a computer type working full time. We are an unlikely duo, and if you are reading this, we are all  trying to figure out the same thing – What in the world should we  eat??

Though there has been a boom in information around food,  many are still  left more confused (myself included).  I want to buy organic wherever possible, but what about price? I want to support local farmers, but which ones? So how is this site different….

In doing this, I hoped to do a few things:

1) Make current issues surrounding food and eating accessible to the everyday eater. As I am entering into the ‘academic community’ my one major pet peeve is how inaccessible much of the information I encounter is. The information is terrific, the approach is not… This is a problem for me personally because much of what is being discovered about food shouldn’t JUST be for the academic world. We all eat – we should all be aware.

2) Work through some of this stuff myself! Food as a topic is overwhelming… This idea has probably led you to this site.  I have been interested in food studies from a social perspective (why we eat what we do, what it means to eat this way…) for a few years now, and I still find myself staring blankly in grocery store about what I should buy.  It seems like the more I discover, the more I wonder why?

3) Food and eating is social – its usually the highlight of many gatherings and occasions  and what better way to share with each other than sharing delicious food! This being said, I would love to hear what others have to say about food. This site is yours too! I hope it helps you gain some clarity about eating as much as it helps me.

4) Most of the information I provide will have an academic basis, and I will make this information available where appropriate. A lot of it will also be based on my perspective and opinion which I will also make clear where appropriate. All news is biased is some regard, so it is better to realize what is purely opinion from something that is grounded in  literature.

5) All suggestions are just that – suggestions. Feel free to post if you agree or disagree!


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