Check out these chicks.. and a key thing you need to know about chickens

The gals had their first free jaunt in the yard this weekend, and it was the perfect opportunity for some glamour shots! They are growing quickly and we are in the process of acclimatizing them for the coop. My go-to site for chicken raising info, The Chicken Chick has some great tips for how to make the transition from brooder to coop here. She takes a more holistic approach to raising chickens that is great!


Dot — the most curious of the bunch

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Eat Eggs? Why you can’t afford to ignore the reality of commercial egg production

In light of all the excitement of our new avian additions, we had to step back and reflect on the core reasons why spending hours and hours on the construction of the coop, and countless hours in the future cleaning chicken poop was so very important to us. While I am sure that our friends, neighbours and family think we are bit nuts, I think this is a vital experience in food, and ultimately the nature of life. This is also quite timely, as Dr. Oz ( I have mixed feelings about him — much of his information isn’t contextualized enough) ran a show on the chicken meat industry that can be viewed here.

We got our chicks from a friend – a chicken enthusiast whom raises her own birds as pets, and in always looking for different breeds to add to her flock, particularly heritage breeds that are much harder to find (also due to the industrialization of our food system). Our birds were around 4-6 weeks old when we picked them up, and some tell tale signs of sex were emerging — this is a luxury. Most people want those fuzzy little day old chicks. They are adorable.



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