10 reasons to vermicompost!

We started our vermi-bin three years ago while we were still in our tiny one bedroom apartment. While our municipality has curb side organic pickup for houses, this was not the case for apartments (and still is the case I believe…). So we decided to do some 6th floor composting! So here’s why you should do it too!

Open up your home to these composting champions!

Open up your home to these composting champions!

1. Super easy — literally ‘set it and forget it’ We keep our in our laundry room in the basement where it is dark 99% of the time (which worms love)

2. No smell – although its a mini-ecosystem, you’ll never know its there. No fruitflies either!

Now you see it...

Now you see it…

3. Takes up very little space – we have ours in a 15 gallon Rubbermaid container, and there are literally thousands of Red Wiggler worms in there

No you don't!

No you don’t!

4. BLACK GOLD! The stuff these worms make is magical! We put it on our veggie garden in the spring, and wait for a mid-July WOW!

5. Personal security 101 — For their bedding, we use our shredded dated bank statements, credit card bills etc. Talk about ending the paper trail!

6. Makes a great conversation piece! When the convo gets dull, a “Hey, wanna see my worms?” will surely liven up even the dullest of hangouts!

Here's a look inside the bin -- we like avocados here!

Here’s a look inside the bin — we like avocados here!

7. Reduce landfill organics – while municipal green bins are great, they still rely on trucks for transport to and from composting sites. These truck rely on oil. And oil produces harmful emissions. Shorten the process, and compost in your kitchen (or laundry room!)

8. Break it down faster! Again, green bin programs are a step in the right direction, but again scale needs to be given some attention. Tonnes and tonnes of food waste is being processed every week by such programs, and even though well- intentioned, these massive piles take a long time to decompose. Think of  one apple vs one thousand apples, and the rate at which each would break down.

Garbage dump outside Buenos Aires

9. Mind yourself! Makes you much more mindful of what YOU are eating (no bone, dairy, or meat in a vermi-bin!)

10. More fruits & veggies! Oh no! No skins or pits for the worms? Better get eating. Let them help you!



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