Robots deboning Chicken


An article on Gizmodo describes the efforts to develop a deboning machine that will exceed the current human capacity to do so. A few things struck me here:

1) Most of the comments stated how people were surprised at the fact that many chickens were not already being processed by robots. This speaks volumes about how many people are somewhat aware of how our industrial food system operates, and are OK with it, or at least feel powerless to do anything about it. Dear reader: If you have any comments about how this idea can be challenged, please post your comments! I am so interested to hear what others are thinking!

2)Really .. do we need innovation which REQUIRES uniformity to work? Industrial chicken production is already similar enough to the production of any other commodity (..t-shirts, hair dryers…) that a costly machine will surely emphasize greater uniformity of breed, stock, and weight — monocultured birds!

3) Job cuts…??

This article also feeds nicley into another Gizmodo article which questions how chickens should be raised .. for example: as lobotomized ‘vegetative’ chickens until ‘ripe. Here’s a picture of a model from the article.. definitely check it out!

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