Chicks have arrived!

The gals (hopefully) are here. The lovely lady we bought these chicks from is pretty sure we have all hens, but said if one starts cawing that we could bring it back to her farm property. Roosters aren’t allowed in cities as per by-law. A 5 am wake up call wouldn’t be the best way to befriend the neighbours… Speaking of sexing birds — I will be writing a separate page — a more critical look at the poultry industry, particularly what tends to happen to male layers (layer is the type of chicken that lays eggs vs. a broiler which tend to be raised for meat). While we are so happy to welcome these lovely ladies to our small family, we are well aware of the darker side of egg production which has largely served as inspiration for undertaking this adventure in urban agriculture! So here’s presenting: From top to bottom: Dot (standing), Maybel, Lily, and Fries (we’re still working on this name.. ) 2014-07-07 16.29.23 Fries is a bantam, and is 2-3 weeks older than the other three, so she will be the smallest of the 4. Fries is also going through a molt, which is why she has some balding on her back . We can’t wait to get these gals outside so they can start eating all of the delicious earwigs hanging out in the garden!

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