Marketing scheme or brilliant waste reduction strategy? The case of ‘ugly’ veggies!

Since composting and waste management has been on my mind lately as we consider the pros and cons of our 4 new poop-filled friends (the chicks!), Here’s a look an an interesting initiative from France, and the ‘inglorious’ fruits and vegetables as a way to combat food waste.

hugging carrots

I think these loving carrots could bring a premium price point…

We throw tons of food away – literally, and this isn’t counting that long forgotten broccoli in the bowels of the fridge.

I find this interesting – is this actually a viable ‘solution’? Or is this another way for supermarkets to sell us something?

Watch the video and comment!


This idea is not new – for a really terrific initiative out of the US, please visit Marin Organic which glean (pick up what would be thrown away) organic produce for use in school food programs! This initiative isn’t backed by a major corporation nor seeks profit.. compare this model to Intermarche’s… vastly different… think about it!

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